My Conquest : Part 1 – Issues 1 & 2

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a monthly update blog post. The premise is simple – on Christmas Eve I decided to subscribe to the Warhammer 40,000 weekly magazine series ‘Conquest’. With each magazine comes a small pile of models and/or hobby supplies, so over quite a long period of time you can build two small forces and a decent amount of scenery.

I am an experienced hobbyist, having been building, painting, and gaming since 1993, and Conquest is a series aimed at beginners. You might be wondering what is driving me to do this. Well, the simple answer is life.

I’m a research scientist and am at the stage of my career where I’m transitioning from working for someone to building my own team. I’m getting busier and in the few hours spare in the evening I feel like doing nothing more than watch TV and play Football Manager.

I’m also trying to start a new hobby by building stuff using Raspbery Pi’s – you can read about how I built a mini arcade machine here. This will divide my spare time and my spare cash.

Just before Christmas I reached a point where I was considering jacking in the hobby, selling most of my models, and moving on. As well as the above, Games Workshop are to blame too – they’ve just been too awesome of late and my head is spinning with all the amazing stuff they’ve released, and frankly I have bought none of it lately having barely touched my boxes of Blood Bowl and Necromunda. I want all the new stuff and can’t have it therefore I’ve opted for nothing.

But 40k is my first love. It’s been in my life since I was 10 years old. I can not just let it go. I don’t want to. Conquest is my solution – a small chunk of my disposable income a month in return for a handful of models. Enough to keep my toe in, enough that I can achieve painting them in a month and hopefully inspire me to work on my ‘to do’ pile.

Each month I will update this blog showing you the models I have painted, as well as any extras I’ve managed to work on. I might also regale you with some fluff and house rules along the way. So let’s start with my first month’s issues, a small one of just 2 mags, Issues 1 and 2.

Issue 1 came with three easy to build Primaris Space Marines with bolters. Nothing particularly fancy, but really nice models. I’ve enjoyed painting Primaris ever since they came out and have a decent sized force in the colours of my homebrew Chapter, the ‘Pyroclasts’.


The Pyroclasts are scions of Vulkan, successors of the Salamanders. They are a reforging of the Hellfire Dragons, a Chapter torn to bits after their Master joined the Tau Empire and driven to near extinction desperately hunting him down. The handful of survivors chose the Rubicon Primaris, reforged and joined by hundreds of new Primaris recruits. They are currently embedded in the ongoing wars on Armageddon.


For some reason the Death Guard are there too. I sold my Death Guard when I bought Dark Imperium and slightly regretted it, so I was pleased to get a second chance to paint these fantastic models which came with Issue 2. I chose to use the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy era colours so I could use them in Age of Darkness if that system isn’t dead in the water…

I had actually already picked up a copy of Issue 1 months ago just to get the paints (it was great value), so I had a further set of easy to build Primaris. I decided to bash these with my bits box to make some sergeants.


You’ll notice that the models been heavily (and crudely) weathered by dabbing black and silver on them. This is a response to my apathy towards painting – to be honest, I just can’t be arsed with edge highlighting anymore so I’ve switched my scheme to do away with it, replacing it with the weathering to at least get some texture on there. This is a problem as the rest of my Pyroclast force is edge highlighted and much, much brighter.


I’ve been gradually retro-painting the weathering onto my models painted in the old style. Before the dabbing I smothered a coat of Nuln Oil on to dull the colours and help pick out the detail. I’ve also been adding in extra detail such as the flame-like edging on some armour panels. In addition, I’m also working on making a Primaris style Storm Talon with a minor conversion.


Thank you for reading, if indeed you still are. I’m looking forward to my Conquest journey in the months and years ahead, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my little insights along the way too. Until next month, for the Emperor!

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